Cuckolding my husband with my stepson

Cuckolding MILF Bella with her stepson

In my last post, I talked about teasing my barely legal stepson while he’s vacationing with his dad and me over the summer. I’ve been walking around in little bikinis and daisy dukes and halter tops. He’s mostly been walking around with a huge hard-on. The truth of the matter is, though, that the more I teased him, the hornier I got. So I finally broke down and started cuckolding my husband with his son.

Is that kinky or what? Being the flagrant hot nasty MILF cuckoldress that I am, of course I had to tell hubby about it. And why not? He gets off on me cuckolding him as much as I do. And with his own son? That made things even kinkier to know that I was cuckolding him with his own son.


I get so horny just thinking about cuckolding my husband with my stepson

Cuckolding hubby while he watches

At first we were cuckolding hubby without him being there. But then hubby started begging to watch us. “Do you really want to watch your own son fuck your wife?” I asked? “Sure it won’t be too much for you?” Well he thought it might be but he still wanted to see.

Of course stepson, being 18, had no problem performing in front of his dad. He fucked me so hard with that thick 7″ cock, I came over and over. And so did he. After we were finally done, I made hubby come and lick his own son’s cream pie from in between my legs. And then my very sensitive clit started orgasming and spasming yet again, while stepson watched and jerked off. And don’t you know, hubby shot a huge load all over my tits. Which of course I made him lick off, for being a bad boy.

I’ve pretty much stopped seeing any other men while stepson is here for the summer. He’ll be shipping off to college in another month so I want to get all the cuckolding action I can out of him. And he never runs out of steam, lucky boy.

Would you like to hear more cuckolding stories? Then give me a call! 🙂

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