Slutty MILF, Cuckolding Wife Kaylee

Slutty MILF Kaylee cuckolds her husband

I’m very much a slutty MILF, because  I have a luscious and supple body that always turns men’s heads. This is why I like to call myself a hot nasty MILF.

I love to tease men with my long beautiful legs in my short little skirts, even in front of my husband, who is always embarrassed, yet turn on, by this. He’s always been a bit of a cuckold, and I’ve always been more than a little bit of an exhibitionist.

slutty MILF

Kaylee is a slutty MILF who likes to cuckold her husband

Perhaps you see me at a party, sipping wine, chatting with my friends, and letting the men watch me. You can see that I’m in the mood for a little teasing, a little exhibitionism, a little seductive sensual domination with a naughty perv like you…

I’m always darkly amused at how many men ignore their wives just to stare at my legs, clad in nothing but the whisper thin sheath of my nylons. Our eyes meet and I hold your gaze as I slowly, deliberately, cross and then recross my legs.

You’re watching this slutty MILF

I know you’re watching me. I know you’re turned on by this even though my husband is standing only a few feet away. The other party-goers know what’s happening. They’ve seen this hot nasty slutty MILF in action before and politely pretend nothing is happening. They all know what a cock tease I am.

Maybe you’ll be my booty call tonight. I love seducing other men right in front of my husband, luring them into a back room or dark corner. I love to show them them exactly how well an experienced slut like me can please a man.

I dangle my shoe from one foot and then lean down to adjust it. You get a perfect view of my cleavage and we lock eyes again. I give you my most seductive smile and then make my way to one of the back bedrooms, glancing at you over my shoulder. Well… aren’t you coming?

Mommy Phone Sex with the Hot Nasty MILF

Are you into Mommy phone sex?

Do you have a hot mom? Or maybe she was hot growing up? Maybe you did naughty things like steal her dirty panties out of her hamper, and use them to stroke off with. Come on, you can tell me … I’m the Hot Nasty MILF after all. And I love mommy phone sex! The dirtier and naughtier the better.

I know that a lot of men crave mommy phone sex because they have so many incest fantasies about their own mom. And who better to have taboo feelings about? Mom has always been there for you. She loves you like no one else has or ever will. But you still want to fuck her, right? And your naughty, dirty mind invents all kinds of fantasies and scenarios where you walk in and catch Mom on the living room couch, stripped down to her underwear …

mommy phone sex

Would you like a Hot Nasty MILf to talk to on a mommy phone sex call?

Yep, I know what you want. And I’m happy to give you a mommy phone sex roleplay or fantasy when you call me. I have a 17 year old stepson who is basically a walking erection. Of course I play into it by teasing him every chance I get. I leave my dirty panties on the bathroom floor so he can find them and take to his bedroom. I have phonesex calls and go on cam with strangers, but I leave my bedroom door open. Sometimes, I walk into his bedroom unannounced. I’ve caught him jacking off more than once like that. One day soon I plan on helping dear stepson with his nice hard dick. And of course I walk around the house half-naked.

Give me a call if you’d like to discuss a mommy phone sex fantasy with me. I’ll be waiting on the couch in my underwear 😉

MILF striptease with Kaylee, the Hot Nasty MILF

Hot Nasty MILF Kaylee does a MILF striptease for you

I know you sit by your window at night, with the lights off, watching my house. You wait for me to get home, getting out of my car in my sweater and jeans. You watch as I turn on/then off the lights, going to my bedroom. You may wait an hour or more, but you know it’s worth it. Because eventually, I’ll open the curtains and get down to what you like to call my MILF striptease.

You know that I know you’re watching, right? I mean, this is why I do a MILF striptease in front of my window for you each night. I know you’re watching, and also masturbating, stroking your cock while I slowly pull off my sweater and jeans down to my see-through thong panties and bra.

milf striptease

Hot nasty MILF Kaylee does a striptease for you

If you could only hear me too! Hear me tell you how much I enjoy teasing you, hear me gasp and moan in my sweet MILF voice as I rub myself through those panties. You know that I enjoy being an exhibitionist MILF as much as you enjoy watching me.

I tease and tempt and taunt you, playing with my nipples, rubbing my clit through those panties, until I can’t take much more. I want you to see me totally naked. Most nights I turn off the light before I strip off my bra and panties, but tonight, I’m so excited that I want you to see me cum for you. And I know that you’re cumming too, aren’t you?

Would you like to see me do a little MILF striptease for you and hear my voice telling you how much I enjoy it? You can buy my picture set through Niteflirt.

buy Kaylee's MILF striptease pics

The picture set includes 13 nice large pictures of me stripping, and a little audio while I’m doing it.

If you want to hear more of me, you can always call me at 1-855-909-9444 toll-free,  for $1.69 a minute. New callers get 5 minutes free 🙂

Or you can call me on Niteflirt for $1.99 a minute.
MILF striptease with the Hot Nasty MILF

Exhibitionist MILF Cuckolds Her Husband

Kaylee is a hot nasty exhibitionist MILF

I’ve never denied that I’m an exhibitionist MILF, and a slutty pervy one at that.  I love showing off my tight MILF body and making heads turn as I enter the room.  All the men know what I am, and I know they want me.   That makes me even more horny.

I’ll wear tight little miniskirts and low cut blouses to get men’s cocks rock hard, making them want to do to me all the things that their frigid wives won’t let them do.

I may be married, but everyone knows I’m a trophy wife and will happily fuck around on my husband.  I’ve got needs too, you know.  I need a real man to really bring out the perverted, kinky slut in me.

exhibitionist MILF

Kaylee is an exhibitionist MILF who needs hot nasty sex.

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Cuckolding my husband with my stepson

Cuckolding MILF Kaylee with her stepson

In my last post, I talked about teasing my barely legal stepson while he’s vacationing with his dad and me over the summer. I’ve been walking around in little bikinis and daisy dukes and halter tops. He’s mostly been walking around with a huge hard-on. The truth of the matter is, though, that the more I teased him, the hornier I got. So I finally broke down and started cuckolding my husband with his son.

Is that kinky or what? Being the flagrant hot nasty MILF cuckoldress that I am, of course I had to tell hubby about it. And why not? He gets off on me cuckolding him as much as I do. And with his own son? That made things even kinkier to know that I was cuckolding him with his own son.

cuckolding my husband

I get so horny just thinking about cuckolding my husband with my stepson

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Mutual Masturbation with the Hot Nasty MILF

Do you enjoy mutual masturbation with a hot MILF?

I’ve had such a wild, horny couple of weeks since I posted about finding my stepson with my panties, since he is still here. And the fact that I keep teasing him all the time, and some of the time (I say when of course) we not only have sex, but also mutual masturbation.

Thinking about that young barely-legal boy toy’s erection in his cut-offs and gym shorts drives me absolutely crazy. I’m almost as horny as he is! And that’s pretty damn horny!

mutual masturbation with Hot Nasty MILF

Hot Nasty MILF gets horny and enjoys mutual masturbation

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Sensual domination with a Hot Nasty MILF

Sensual domination, Hot Nasty MILF style 🙂

The way to any man’s brain is through his cock. This applies to every man alive, and you’re no different. I don’t have to yell or scream to make you an obedient little slave, do I? All I have to do is control your cock with sensual domination, in order to control you. It’s just that easy. All men are wired like that, and I know how to use it to my advantage.

All I have to do is lightly trace just one finger over your dick and I have your full attention. I’ll never have to yell at you to make you obey me; I can control you effortlessly with my sweet sexy voice. And I’m going to do such wonderful things when I’m sensually dominating you.

sensual domination

Sensual domination – Hot Nasty MILF does a sexy striptease

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Being a hot nasty cock tease

I will cock tease you

Some men need a strong sexy MILF to control and to cock tease them. They need to be brought to the edge, again and again, while a sensual cougar like myself forces them to beg to cum. They’ll do anything to be allowed to finally explode, even begging to be allowed to eat it afterwards.

I’m a  MILF who loves to cock tease and deny men until they’re overcame with lust. I will tease you, deny you, make you beg for me and make you promise me whatever I want before I let you orgasm. I will make you rock hard with my soft words and my sweet caresses before turning you into a groveling worm, begging to please me.

cock tease MILF

Hot nasty MILF Kaylee is a cock tease

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My stepson masturbating with my panties

MILF Kaylee catches her stepson masturbating with her dirty panties

Michael’s door was closed again, and in the middle of the day. I knew what that meant – I could hear my stepson masturbating in his room again. And this time with a pair of dirty panties which went missing from my hamper.

Being a perpetually horny MILF myself, I teased Michael quite a bit when he was at our house. I would walk around in just my panties and bra or a t-shirt and panties with no bra on at all. Since his father was away on business all week, I made use of that to ratchet up the cock teasing even more.

I couldn’t help but fantasize myself how big my stepson’s cock got when he jerked off with my panties, or how many girls he’d been with. I was pretty sure I could show him some tricks those high school girls hadn’t even thought of yet.

Hot Nasty MILF watches her stepson masturbating with her panties

Hot Nasty MILF Kaylee watches her stepson masturbating with her panties

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